Business Overview

BotsZA Projects (Pty) Limited – We believe in developing products and solutions that improve the quality of life. The way we do it is by assisting organizations to integrate our products and solutions into their business processes to help them improve productivity, efficiency and as well as providing an exceptional experience to their customers. As a company, our main focus is on the research and development of products and solutions that are powered by emerging technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Conversational AI chatbots.

The company was formed by Harmony Mothibe, an enthusiast, who is passionate about solving real-world problems through Technology and Innovation. Our primary purpose is to solve the three(3) main issues within any Department or Organization for that matter, namely:

  • Unnecessary Time Consumption on tasks,
  • Repetition of Procedures, and
  • Manual processes/procedures.

Vision Statement

  • To solve Africa’s problems using Emerging Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Conversational Chatbots.
  • African problems need African solutions, therefore we will always centre our attention around people and products that improve African lives.

Mission Statement

  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • To eliminate a high volume of time-consuming tasks
  • To help businesses provide an exceptional experience for their customers and improve their customer support.
  • To close the gap between brands and customers



Chatbots Integration


WhatsApp Intergration


HAZIE, by BotsZA

of our clients:

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