WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging app not only in South Africa but in the world. Businesses are now able to engage with their customers in their most preferred channel of communication. Over the years the consumer behaviour has shifted from one channel of communication to the other. These are some of the benefits of WhatsApp AI-Powered Chatbots for businesses.


  • WhatsApp chatbots offer a richer customer experience that helps with customer retention and engagement.
  • The platform is available to all, be it small, home-run businesses or large enterprises.
  • End-to-end encryption, two-fact authentication, and business verification offer users’ data and identity protection.
  • Builds brand awareness and brand loyalty while enhancing customer relationships.
  • Ability to send broadcasts and outbound notifications to clients.
  • WhatsApp chatbots are available 24 hours a day, helping customers to resolve queries more efficiently.
  • WhatsApp AI-Powered chatbots deliver value to consumers, while at the same time optimizing cost and flexibility.
  • Billions of people can talk to your brand without the being a human on the other end.
  • WhatsApp AI-Powered Chatbots improves customer experience.
  • With the use of Artificial Intelligence, WhatsApp Chatbots use machine learning, which allows them to become smarter and respond to users more effectively.

Our Packages

Current prices include a 50% discount until the end of October '20

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Package 1


monthly subscription

  • 1000 Monthly Active Users
  • Unlimited Messages
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Package 2


monthly subscription

  • 3000 Monthly Active Users
  • Unlimited Messages
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Package 3


monthly subscription

  • 5000 Monthly Active Users
  • Unlimited Messages
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Package 4


monthly subscription

  • 10 000 Monthly Active Users
  • Unlimited Messages

Over 10 000 users? Please contact us at info@botsza.com

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