Hazie – Your all in one Talent Acquisition Platform

BotsZA is excited to introduce a new digital product, HAZIE. A talent acquisition platform that provides a seamless application process for first-time candidates applying for employment.  It also automates and synchronizes an end-to-end hiring process, namely Bursaries, Internships, Learnerships, and Graduate applications for organizations. What this means is that it enables employers to move from a manual candidate screening and sourcing process of High Volume Applications to an AI-enabled, HR software and Intelligent Business Solution.


• Statistics South Africa says the country’s unemployment rate is now at 32.5% – the highest since the start of the quarterly labour force survey in 2008.
• COVID-19 has exacerbated the unemployment problem in South Africa with Youth aged 15-24 years and 25-34 years recording the highest unemployment rates of 63,2% and 41,2% respectively.
• There are more job seekers than job opportunities and reflects a more competitive environment for those looking for work.
• Skills mismatch between educational institutions and business needs, a lack of life skills education, the digital divide and limited access to capital, has made matter worse.

Problem statement:

The demand for employment will always exceed the supply of employment, which automatically creates a problem for managing high volume applications such as internships, learnerships, apprenticeships, bursaries, and graduate accelerated programmes. This creates a barrier between organizations and candidates due to organizations’ lack of resources to handle high volume applications, which in return creates
• lack of communication
• lack of feedback
• lack of transparency
• Inequality
to all the candidates that applied.


The benefits of using Hazie as a candidate?
• Provides a seamless application process
• Communicates feedback to candidates throughout the stages of the application.
• Provides live application tracking tool in real-time
• Provides visibility, equality, transparency and less human judgement into the application process

The benefits of using Hazie as an organization?
• Provides a single source of truth
• HAZIE saves critical time and resources for companies.
• Improves productivity by at least 45%
• Provides central access to advanced insights, analytics, etc to help decision-makers make a well-informed decision.
• Transparency / Access to each step/stage within the application.
• Handling Central communication between candidates and your brand.
• 3rd Party Integrations (Psychometric Assessments, Background Screening – Personal Credential Verification).
• Enables companies to move from manual repetitive and time-consuming activities to an AI-enabled, HR software and Intelligent Business solution.


To find out more about our new exciting product please visit Hazie

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