Hazie – Your all in one Talent Acquisition Platform

BotsZA is excited to introduce a new digital product, HAZIE. A Talent Acquisition platform that Automates and Synchronizes the end-to-end hiring process, namely Bursaries, Internships, Learnerships, and Graduate applications for organizations. What this means is that it enables employers to move from a manual candidate screening and sourcing process of High Volume Applications to an HR software and intelligent business solution which is Artificial Intelligence enabled.



In Africa, there is high unemployment rate and in 2020, the unemployment rate in South Africa was around 28.48 percent and that means the demand for employment will always be higher than the supply of employment, which automatically creates a problem of managing a high volume applications, especially for entry level applications such as internships, learnerships, apprenticeships, bursaries, and graduate accelerated pro- grammes. This creates a barrier between organisations and candidates due to the fact that companies don’t have enough resources to handle high volume applications, which in return creates lack of communication and feedback to all the candidates that applied, equal opportunity for all the quality of candidates. In reality companies don’t have enough resources to go through all these applications which makes it harder for companies to manage applications and in most cases it’s just first come first serve and the best ones necessarily given preference due to high volume.


The problems Hazie is addressing:
• Manual processes
• Repetition
• Time consuming activities
(Within HR when it comes to talent acquisition and recruitment.)


The benefits of using Hazie?
• A Single Source of Truth
• Central access to the advanced insights, analytics, etc to help decision makers make well informed decision.
• Transparency / Access to each step/stage within the application. Pre-Screening.
Files & Emails Management.
Central Access Files
• Handling Central communication between candidates and your brand. 3rd Party Integrations (Psychometric Assessments, Backround Screening – Personal Credential Verification).


To find out more about our new exciting product please visit http://info.hazie.co.za/

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