Mental Health Awareness Month

What is mental health? – this includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It affects how we feel, think and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life (childhood – adolescence – adulthood).

In this day and age, one should not be afraid to talk about their mental health nor take care of it. You

take care of you first in order to function to your utmost best. Mental health is as important as a person’s physical health and often at times neglected maybe because people just don’t know much about it or not aware of it. We’ll be sharing some practical tips on how you can take care of your mental health:

  • Keep active – exercise can help you feel better, better your concentration as well as help with your sleep.
  • Eat well – good and different nutrients do wonders to one’s body and help you stay healthy.
  • Talk about your feelings – talking not only helps you process what is happening to you but it can also help you deal with how you are feeling.
  • Take a break – whenever you feel like you need a break, TAKE IT! Change of scenery and a break really does work.
  • Take a social media break – to avoid triggers, a break from social media will help you in a good way.


There are many more self-care tips that can help you, those were just a few. Good self-esteem can also help when you are going through difficult times. Educate yourself about mental health as it will also help you help your loved ones who are going through it all. Here are free telephone counseling hotlines in South Africa for when you need to talk. Remember, you’re not alone in this.

  • South African Depression & Anxiety Group (SADAG) – 0800 12 13 14
  • Adcock Ingram Depression & Anxiety Helpline – 0800 70 80 90
  • Lifeline South Africa – 0861 322 322
  • Befrienders Bloemfontein – 0027 444 5000


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